Why is eating very fast bad for your health?

Do you eat very fast? Most people have been told repeatedly to slowdown while eating and chew food properly before swallowing. Yet, some people continue with the habit of eating fast. This behavior might change if people knew what the speed of eating can do to their body.

Evils of eating food very fast :

1) Slower digestion – Eating and swallowing fast means that the food has not been chewed properly. This delays and complicates the process of digestion as food needs to be broken down properly for smooth digestion to occur. Also when we do not chew properly,the food that goes down the throat is accompanied by lesser saliva, the enzymes of which are needed for digestion to begin

2) Can make you bloated – While eating in a hurry, chances are also that we swallow air along with the food . This can make you bloated and gives you stomach gas

3) Makes you eat more – To feel satisfied after meals, the brain and the stomach have to be in sync. If you don’t chew and just swallow, the brain-stomach coordination will break down and you will end up eating more than what you need to.

4) May choke you – More than 30 different muscles are required to swallow, and if eating in a hurry, you increase the chances of food going down the wrong pipe, which can choke you.


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