Quick Home Remedies For Burns

Sometimes we get minor burns from steam, hot irons or pots in our daily lives. No need to worry, with these simple home remedies, burns will be managed in no time

1. Pour as much water as possible over the area: Water helps to cool a burnt area and prevents further burning. However, ice isn’t a good idea, as it reduces blood flow to the burnt area and could make it take longer to heal

2. Aloe Vera: If you’ve got any Aloe Vera gel around the house, applying it over the burn helps soothe the area

3. Tea Bags: Yes, that’s right, those bags don’t just make your favourite morning drink, dipping them in water and then putting it over the burnt area is a great way to soothe the burnt skin

4. Honey: A lot of people know this, and it’s so true. A little bit of honey is great over minor burns. It increases blood flow making it heal quicker and it’s antiseptic properties reduces the chances of the wound getting infected. No wonder nurses use it everyday in hospitals for treating wounds

5. Coconut Oil: This contains Vitamin E and some antiseptic properties which reduces infection and aids healing of the burn. However, it’s best to use this when the burn has started healing and not when there are any blisters.

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