Employee Health Insurance; Why is medical insurance important?

Although a lot can be said about doing business for yourself – whether through freelance or owning your own business – being a regular employee has its own perks and the topmost merit is being covered by medical insurance.

The availability of health insurance is so important that it is almost impossible to overestimate its benefits.

On the one hand, the ability of sicknesses to destroy your finances and lead you to debt is so great that it is almost unparalleled.

Secondly, illnesses not only cost you money, but it could prevent you from earning more.

Even though being ill is out of your control and should not be taken against you during the performance evaluation (which may determine your salary increase), It doesn’t do you any good compared to colleagues who worked more simply because they were still there when you were sick.

But the benefits of health insurance are not limited to just having it. Here is a look at the three most important advantages of health insurance for employees.

  • Emergency situations

It’s uncontrollable. Emergencies occur even if you don’t have money.

And who has the time to find the fault with which hospital and / or doctor will charge less when you are sick?

If you have a good healthcare provider (aka RelianceHMO), you can go to a decent hospital and you don’t need to have the money. It’s like a credit card payment that someone else is paying.

(For very expensive illnesses, We’ll only cover a certain amount, but this is still a huge “discount” on the total bill, which you would otherwise have to pay yourself.)

  • Attract and retain the most qualified employees

Whether health insurance is absolutely necessary to attract and retain the most qualified employees will depend upon factors such as whether your competitors or other similarly sized employers in your area are offering health insurance.

  • Ensure the wellness of your workers

Our corporate health insurance plans offer preventative care that can keep employees healthy and working. If employees don’t get preventative care and wellness checks (which they might not do if they don’t have insurance), you could end up having more employees out for long periods of time with serious illnesses.

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