5 New Year Resolutions You Can Keep This Year

Happy New Year!!! As always, I am sure we have made a lot of resolutions, some of which, we will adhere to and some we will discard as the year runs its course.

It is important to start 2019 with healthy resolutions that you can stick to, as this ensures better living standards. Choose healthy lifestyles and stick to it like your life depends on it this year.

Here are a few tips to help you all year round:

1. Include more healthy foods in your daily diet: Be strict with yourself and choose healthier options. Abstain from fast foods and have more home cooked meals containing vegetables. Replace fried chips with fruits for snack time

2. Increase water intake: Drinking about 8–10 glasses of water every day is necessary to cleanse and detoxify your body. Make it a habit to drink water instead of quenching your thirst with soda or any other artificially sweetened beverages

3. Daily physical activity: Design a routine for yourself, which consists of some fun and easy physical activities like swimming, dancing, jogging or simply climbing the stairs instead of taking a lift. Do these simple things daily and watch the positive turn your health takes

4. Pick up a new hobby: Your health depends on both your mental and physical well-being. So, it’s essential to ensure that you have a peaceful mind on a fit body. This new year, choose a hobby that makes you feel happy, fulfilling, productive, interesting, and fills up your leisure time

5. Relax, relax, relax: Relax more this year. We become tense for little or no reason and create a huge burden on our health. Meditation, adequate sleep and deep breathing are the best aids to calm ourselves, and to be at harmony with our inner selves

Finally, make up your mind to stay optimistic in 2019 and distance yourself from all types of negativity. This will not only lead you towards happier times, but will also keep you in great health throughout the year.

Wishing you a splendid 2019…..

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