4 Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

The treatment of premature ejaculation should involve the participation of the partner of the affected individual as it helps to relieve any performance pressure or anxiety on him. There are medication and non-medication treatment methods for premature ejaculation.

The non-medication treatment methods can be done by the couple (which they have agreed on) at home and include:

  • Squeeze-pause technique

Here, the woman stays on top and once the man penetrates and starts feeling the excitement to ejaculate, she quickly pulls out. At the same time, the man compresses the head of his penis (the underside) where it joins the glans (tip); this should calm his excitement and prevent orgasm. Once this is achieved, the couple can begin another round of sexual stimulation with the woman on top and this process of preventing early ejaculation applied. Also, the couple can engage in foreplay and once the man begins to feel excited to ejaculate, he should compress the head of his penis to kill the excitement after which another foreplay is started. This technique can be practiced 10 times or more, and with time can help condition the man towards lasting much longer before ejaculation. In addition, the female partner can be intensely sexually stimulated by this technique because of the several rounds of foreplay involved, shortening her time to reach orgasm, and the result is a gratifying sexual experience for both partners.

  • Pre-Sexual Intercourse Masturbation

For young men (those less than 40 years), masturbating to orgasm some hours before sexual intercourse with their partner can help give them more control over the time of ejaculation, and over time can help in stopping early ejaculation.

  • Trying out a second chance

If there is an understanding between the partners, the man can try to achieve a second erection after a premature ejaculation in the first round. During this period, he should engage in different forms of foreplay to please his woman while building up his erection. For some men, the time to orgasm in the second round is much longer than the first, and if repeated severally (for every sex relation) can help the man in gaining more control over the time of ejaculation in future first rounds.

  • Using condoms

Using a condom, especially a thick one, during sexual intercourse reduces the sensitivity of the penis and may help extend the time it takes to reach orgasm.

The couple should try out these methods to find out which works for them; they can also combine two or more methods.

Finally, it is very important for the man to constantly communicate with his partner on every aspect of their sexual life, and to have her support in dealing with premature ejaculation. The couple should also make out time to visit medical experts as premature ejaculation can be a result of an underlying medical or mental health condition or adverse effects of certain medications.

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