4 Health Wonders of Banana Peels

We know that bananas are healthy fruits filled with vitamins and minerals, but did you know that the peel (back) of bananas that you usually throw away are full of health benefits too. Before you throw away the banana peel next time, remember these 4 things they can do for you

1. Relieves mosquito bites – Massaging an area bitten by mosquitoes with banana peels provides anti-inflammatory chemicals that reduces the swelling and itchiness from insect bites.

2. Whitens Teeth – Rubbing banana peel on your teeth daily for an entire week has been shown to provide naturally whiter teeth. Go on, try it.

3. Helps with pimples – Massaging a pimply face with banana peels for a few minutes every day, helps with reducing the appearance of pimples

4. Reduces wrinkles – Mashed up banana peels and adding egg yolk can be used to create a home made face mask which keeps the skin hydrated and reduces wrinkles

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