3 Normal Things that Happen after Sex

Sexual intercourse, especially one that is very fulfilling where the man and the woman reach explosive orgasm breeds intense passion between the couple. It is also an energy consuming activity during which the heart beats faster, the blood pressure rises and muscles in certain parts of the body undergo contractions. After the peak of orgasm, the body returns to the normal resting state. However, some things happen naturally after sex, one or more of which many couples, especially those who just started having sex for the first time, may find unusual.

  • Sleeping off

This occurs more frequently in the man. Sex is an energy-draining physical and emotional activity after which the body will want to tune into a state of rest and what better way to get that rest other than a good sleep.

  • The compulsive need to cuddle

After sex, the brain releases a hormone called oxytocin, especially in the woman. This hormone plays a bonding role in women enabling them to nurse their newborn baby. Its release after sex mimics this bonding nature and the woman strongly desires to be cuddled by her man. For some men who may be in a hurry to get back to other tasks after sex, it can ruin a beautiful sexual experience. So, couples can take more time to communicate after sex and help each other relax and gradually get back to the point where they are ready to get out of bed.

  • Sperm dripping down from the woman

Many couples, especially those trying to conceive, get worried when some of the man’s sperm drip down when the woman stands up. This worry is based on the belief that the woman would likely not get pregnant since the sperm is pouring out from her. However, the truth is tens of millions of sperm cells are ejaculated during sex and only one is needed to fertilise the woman’s egg. Many sperm cells (especially the normal ones with good movement) will start making their way towards the womb right after ejaculation; the remaining majority will die out. Hence, sperm dripping down from the woman after sex is normal because of the pulling effect of gravity on standing; it is also not something to worry about as the right sperm cells have already started their journey to the woman’s womb for fertilisation.

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